Whether you’re running an Event or need to communicate an important message from the CEO addressing shareholders or employees, our live video streaming service will help you to engage your audience wherever they are.

With our services, you can live stream a Panel Discussion or Interview with subject experts, or deliver a presentation or training session to your colleagues, or launch a new product to your global audience.

Viewers can submit questions in real-time. And you can poll the audience, all through our user-friendly platform. 

We can also secure the stream with Password protection.

Bronze Package


For small event.

  • One HD camera with tripod

  • No Graphics or Lower thirds

  • No Intro videos

  • Live to Facebook, twitter or Zoom only

  • 2 hard wired mics

  • £1250.00 for up to a 8 hour day

  • Expenses separate


Silver package


  • 2 x HD cameras with tripods

  • Video vision mixing capabilities.

  • No Intro videos

  • Wirecast streaming computer able to stream to any of the opposite:-

  • Sound desk with 2 radio mics (lapel or hand held)

  • 2 x led panel lights and stands

  • £1850.00 for up to a 8 hour day 

  • Two person crew

  • Expenses separate


Gold Package


As silver package but in addition


  • 1 x sound Engineer to run and maintain audio

  • 2 x more radio mics, expandable to 16 mics in total. ( extra cost per Mic)

  • One camera with wide angel lens fixed (locked off) Second camera with Long zoom lens, with operator

  • 2 additional Led panel lights

  • Graphics and Looping video (before and after Live transmission) (to be supplied by client)

  • £3450.00 for up to a 8 hour day

  • Three person crew

  • Expenses separate


Platinum Package


All silver and gold but in addition


  • 1 x Video director / GFX operator

  • Additional camera operator

  • Full DMX lighting rig for studio or stage including Gobo company branding

  • Set design including consultation

  • Expert sound design

  • Four person crew

  • £5-10,000 depending on venue size and broadcast times (pre meeting required for design) 

  • Expenses separate


Additional optional extras (can be added to any package from Silver)


  • Additional Camera operator £500.00 per day

  • Production assistant £300.00 per day

  • Sound runner £350.00 per day

  • Additional Lighting £300.per day

  • Additional Sound £25.per day, per Channel

  • Additional HD Cameras from £350.00 per camera.

  • Custom Set design with company branding £2000.00

  • Live Video projection and screen £2-5,000 depending on scale needed

  • Dedicated live streaming channel (secured) £390-£1000.00 per month, depending on number persons per hour

  • Live Skype communication at event £400.00

  • Specialist camera equipment, i.e.:-

  • Live transmission (roaming camera with wireless link) at event POA

  • Camera crane POA

  • "Promotional Video" Production to run at the event POA

  • Company branded shirts for team £30 ppp

  • Recording of the live event.  From £200

  • Vov pops at the event, with all necessary equipment. Including editing £700.00 per day

  • Voiceover talent POA

  • Drone camera work POA

  • Extra days to be added on to any of the packages. POA


All prices exclude VAT

All prices are correct at time of publishing.

We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.