Is your company finding it difficult to make an impression or drive sales?

Do your customers have to, "Take your word for it" when it comes to explaining what you do?

Does your company need that all-important training you can't afford? or can't even find the time to send your staff on a training course?

If so, it is worth taking a fresh look at your marketing. Brochures and handouts are often discarded unread and slide presentations are, so run of the mill these days, that their impact is limited.


Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication and offers great advantages as a vehicle for learning. 
Training videos can be used to improve internal communication, train new staff, or for educational purposes.  Whether you want the films integrated into your intranet or copied to DVD. 

ProeFx can develop training videos that engage and enthuse your staff or educate your audience.


A series of training videos, shot at the Zanussi training centre, were filmed and edited by ProeFx, to help the staff at Currys form a better understanding of the features and benefits of the Zanussi range.  

Nikki Moore, the "Girl geek Chic", feturing another one of her gadgets.